My Rhinoplasty Journey in wonderful Naperville

Learn how Sarah found her incredible rhinoplasty surgeon in small city Naperville

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About me, Sarah

Thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate it a lot. Here I will tell you a little more about myself. First of all, as I mentioned in my first blog post on the homepage, I was born in Naperville, Illinois. Now, Naperville is a very special place and I feel like I should dedicate a few more sentences to it. First of all, because I was born here, I might be very biased, but this is literally the best place in the whole Illinois state! Probably even the whole United States, but I haven’t been everywhere, so I cannot comment. A lot of people in Naperville are incredibly helpful and willing to help you in any situation that you can possibly find yourself in. People, doing their jobs are true professionals in this area. Whether you find a salesman – he’s an expert. Whether you find a taxi driver – he’s an expert. Whether you find a rhinoplasty surgeon – he’s an expert. I love this place! I want to be an expert in my field too one day and contribute to this community.

I like riding bikes and reading about various cosmetic surgeries that people, beautiful women had. I feel like cosmetic surgery is an incredible invention, because it allows a dissatisfied person to turn into a fabulous person! Since I had my own rhinoplasty surgery done on me, to fix my imperfect nose and turn it into a fabulous nose, I think I would like to be a cosmetic surgeon too one day. Especially, focusing on nose jobs (nose surgeries). But first of all, because I live in Naperville, I have to become an expert at it, before I even start providing some services related to it. That’s why I now have been studying medicine in college for the past 2 years and interning in a cosmetic rhinoplasty¬†clinic in Naperville. I won’t tell you it’s name, but I will tell you when I found my own rhinoplasty clinic in Naperville :). Thanks for reading!!

sarah johnson
sarah johnson after rhinoplasty