My Rhinoplasty Journey in wonderful Naperville

Learn how Sarah found her incredible rhinoplasty surgeon in small city Naperville

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Rhinoplasty journey

Naperville Rhinoplasty Journey #3: finding a surgeon

Welcome to the third post of this blog! I feel very excited to write here. In the previous post, I described my story, of how I grew up in Naperville, Illinois and how I experienced my childhood before having a rhinoplasty surgery performed. In short – it was not a good experience, because my nose was really sticking out and I felt separated from society. In this blog post, I will describe how to find a rhinoplasty surgeon in Naperville. results in Naperville

First of all, you have to know what you are looking for. There are a lot of plastic surgeries done for cosmetic reasons and not all of them are nose surgeries. Since nose surgeries is what you want to have, you have to look for rhinoplasty surgeon. Rhinoplasty is a scientific term used to describe specifically this type of plastic surgery.

To find a rhinoplasty surgeon in Naperville, you have to go into website and type in “naperville rhinoplasty”. Then, you will see a list of top 10 surgeons in your area. That means, these surgeons are the best and you should visit them all before choosing the one to move forward with. I personally, found a nose job surgeon in a company called Naperville Rhinoplasty LLC. I called them up, a warm and super friendly secretary picked up. I really liked her! She seemed to really understand where I was coming from. Other companies didn’t, but this one did it perfectly. To really make sure I am doing the right decision, I went to their office for a free consultation and met the rhinoplasty surgeon himself. He looked super friendly too, so in my mind, I was like “let’s go for it!”. results in Naperville

The first question I asked was whether it hurts. The cosmetic surgeon, working in there was a true expert, just like every Naperville citizen (I mentioned in a previous blog post, everyone is an expert working in this city, it’s true!). He was super prepared for my every question. I actually looked at the nose plastic surgeons directory and found really great answers for my questions – I was actually surprised! Plus, this is where I also found my Naperville nose job surgeon, so, you know…

Anyway, to the question whether it hurts, the answer turns out to be no! Of course not! When you are being operated for nose job, they put you on a general anesthesia. That means you just sleep and don’t feel anything – perfect. After your short sleep, you wake up and boom – perfect nose is on your face! You can actually feel a slight sore, but that’s besides the point. It does not hurt at all! results in Naperville

So Sarah, how can I find a cosmetic surgeon that is right for me?
Well, as I said, this is a very personal topic and question to answer. I can’t really find it for you, because you might be living in other area than Naperville, Illinois, but just use that website or type into google “[your city] rhinoplasty” and don’t worry, you will find someone :).

P.S. I read more about rhinoplasty and how surgeons perform it here: