My Rhinoplasty Journey in wonderful Naperville

Learn how Sarah found her incredible rhinoplasty surgeon in small city Naperville

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Rhinoplasty journey

Naperville Rhinoplasty Journey #2: the process results in Naperville

Hi again! This is a second blog post of my personal blog about my rhinoplasty surgery journey that I experienced in my birthplace city Naperville, Illinois, USA. Ever since I decided to have a rhinoplasty surgery on me, to finally fix my imperfect nose and have a beautiful face once again, I was always wondering – is this operation safe for average teenagers, just like me? I contacted many many cosmetic nose surgeons and most of them told me, that I should not be having nose surgery until at least 16, since I am a female. Good thing, was that I was already 16 at that time, when I started saving money for the surgery. And when I actually had it – I was 18, so no problem with that. My personal advice for you is always listen to what the rhinoplasty expert is telling you. After all, they have been studying medicine for many many years, have a lot of real world experience and are way more qualified to make such decisions than us, teenage girls wanting to fix our noses in Naperville. He said the situation is a little different for boys, I think he told me they might be able to start the surgery a few years earlier, but I don’t fully remember, please consult with your personal surgeon.

How was nose job performed on me?

This is a question a lot of people have been asking me for a few weeks now. Quoting my nose surgeon in Naperville, he said rhinoplasty is the most individualistic operation in the whole cosmetic surgery industry, because of the demand for creativity due to structures of the nose itself being way different than expected at first. Performing a nose surgery is not an easy job for most cosmetic surgeons, because cracked cartilage and/or scar tissue makes the procedure a complex task even for plastic nose surgeons with 5+ years of experience. results in Naperville results in Naperville

The whole surgery took exactly two hours to perform and I was under a complete anesthesia. I am quoting my rhinoplasty surgeon again, he said “since the columella part of the nose has not been cut, there is no visible scarring”. I looked into the mirror and guess what – I was super surprised to not see any bruises on my perfectly fabulous nose! I thanked the surgeon, he gave me a paper book with a nose surgery recovery procedure. I think it was titled “How to recover asap after rhinoplasty in Naperville”, but I’m not sure right now, I threw it into the trash can after I fully recovered. But it was helpful. I ran outside, ran to my home, where I used to live and started screaming, because I was so insanely happy, that this nose problem has finally been gone out of my life!

I am so thankful now to the rhinoplasty surgeon and the nurse, and the whole medical clinic team that helped me and others overcome this cosmetic beauty problem. I can’t even express my joy right now, that was so amazing!¬†Looking in the mirror and finally seeing the fabulous nose I always dreamed about for all my life – 18 years!

In the next blog post, I will describe you how you can find a top in the industry rhinoplasty surgeon in Naperville, Illinois and what to look for when choosing: education, certifications, experience, results, etc. Stay tuned!

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