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What rhinoplasty surgeon do I recommend in Vilnius, Lithuania?

Hey guys,
I have been visiting Vilnius, Lithuania for some time now and I have met a lot of new friends. Plastic surgery is really a top notch industry in Lithuania, especially in Vilnius. They have quite a lot of plastic surgeons that have been studying in Vilnius University or other top universities in the Europe. And they really know their stuff, I have talked with some of them, they are great! Few patients have met with me to let me write this blog post, so I interviewed them. These patients had a rhinoplasty surgery by the way.
They all said, that their plastic surgeons were able to make their nose smaller, change it’s shape or recover the whole shape of your nose after you had some injury or have been involved into accidental fight with someone (usually happens for men).

rhinoplasty in Lithuania, Vilnius

Secondly, rhinoplasty for female patients is usually being done for aesthetic reasons and not due to traumatic injury. A lot of women have been born with an imperfect looking nose. They don’t like it, they hate it, it’s too big, it’s shape is weird, etc. These are the usual complaints of rhinoplasty patients. Females like a smaller nose, however men like strong and masculine looking noses. And that’s what females like on faces of males too.Plastic surgery of nose is really complicated. That is why all of patients that I interviewed in Vilnius, Lithuania have chose Plastimeda, which is a clinic doing rhinoplasty in Lithuania (usually just nose surgery). It is important that Plastimeda is on Surgeons association of Lithuania. First of all, a professional surgeon takes pictures of your nose. He then uses special surgeon software on computer to modify your nose, so you can preview how will it look after the surgery. Then surgeon puts you on anesthesia and operates your nose. Then you wake up and enjoy your new nose :).

With love,

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