My Rhinoplasty Journey in wonderful Naperville

Learn how Sarah found her incredible rhinoplasty surgeon in small city Naperville

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Rhinoplasty journey

Naperville Rhinoplasty Journey #1: before

sarah johnson
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Hello, my fellow blog visitors! This blog is all about my journey that I went through before, during and after my rhinoplasty surgery journey. I was born and raised by two incredible parents – Bill and Lindsey in Illinois, Naperville (I love this place to this day!). Bill is really great at golf and my mother Lindsey is incredible at cooking :). She makes the best pizza, everyone in the neighborhood knows that. Anyway, unfortunately, I was born with a not perfect looking nose – it had a slight bump in around the center of it, that I felt like was very huge and noticeable for everyone even from a distance. My every friend had a fabulous looking nose, and I always dreamed about being beautiful too… 16 years went by, I even experienced some bullying in my highschool due to having an imperfect nose. I had a boyfriend once, however, he broke up with me once he noticed my nose. He told me “Go get a nose job, then call me back”. That was a moment I realised, that this nose can be fixed! Woah! You might think right now “You don’t say”, but for me, that was a huge discovery and a huge accomplishment in my life. My other friends in Naperville always used to tell me – it’s all alright, Sarah, don’t worry about it, it’s almost unnoticeable! However, I always had this incredible desire in my heart to finally go and fix it. I asked my parents whether they would be willing to cover rhinoplasty in Naperville expenses and guess what they said… They said no :(. No is no at 15, since I wasn’t born in some rich family. I asked them few weeks later if I could borrow some money and then give them back in small installments every month after I graduate from college with a beautiful nose and find a job. They said no too, because they thought that was stupid. They didn’t even think that was needed too! They told me “your nose is perfect”, it’s not an issue, etc. Anyway, at 16, I dropped out of high school and started making money online. I set my first goal – make enough money to finally fix my nose by having a rhinoplasty surgery. I realised, that I am very good at internet marketing! I happened to really like it to, so I made enough money in only 2 years. Then, I started to look for a local rhinoplasty surgeon in Naperville, Illinois, the place where I live. I found 5 surgeons, however, I chose only 1 to fix my nose. And it wasn’t easy! I did immense amount of research of what a cosmetic surgeon has to have accomplished, what results he had to already have, what experience, education, certifications, etc. What happened next you will find out in my next blog post.

P.S. If you are wondering what a rhinoplasty/nose job/nose surgery is, refer to this page:



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